Apocalypse Current

She was Colonel Kurtz, a rogue, a despot, a messiah on a mission, delusional and depraved. From the swamps of the Deep South,  to the glimmering satyrical paradise of California, she bore her toxic cargo of prejudice and judgment, superstition and fear, spinning her ancient poison of hate into a gossamer trap, tightening the strands until the last progressive voice was silenced forever.

In your dreams, bitch.

By now you’ve noticed the accounts of progressives, liberals, and LGBT members are being removed for minor offenses or for no reason at all, or for complaining about abuse perpetrated by conservatives, which is what happened to joeredford, tlbuffin, Skeptikat, Kelpie, Timebandit and many others. Atheists and followers of alternative belief systems have also been targeted.

Current TV’s comment forum has been moderated since its inception by Community Manager Robyn Tippins, an anti-choice, anti-gay, Baptist church worker whose agenda is to eliminate the liberals and progressives from this site, along with all those whom she believes promote a lifestyle that goes against her religious beliefs. The gay community in particular has been hit hard by her policies.

I’ve tried to get in touch with Al Gore or Joel Hyatt, the founders of Current, but there is no contact information on Current, and I have not been able to find email addresses for either person on the internet.  All personal messages between Current members can be intercepted by the moderators at any time. I have been banned from Current many, many times for trying to get this message out to other members.

Please exchange emails with your Current friends in order to share this important information. I’m hoping someone will have a contact who can get the information directly to Al Gore or at least someone higher up in Current than the Community Manager, before Current turns into a right-wing propaganda site. As the GOP is on the brink of choosing their candidate, we may soon see our cherished progressive forum transformed into GOP campaign headquarters. At this posting, we believe Ms. Tippins may have left Current, but the censorship continues, so we still need your help to get the word out.

Please check out these links and pass them on:

Anti-gay comments on Robyn’s blog:

Robyn’s blog on WordPress – SHE is now claiming to be “stalked” because people have been reading her blog and are not too thrilled with the content:

James Tippins, Robyn’s husband, is an anti-choice Baptist minister:

Thank you for standing up for Free Speech!


Have any friends who’ve been KIA? Please let us know and we’ll fight to have them reinstated. You are welcome to post suggestions and comments here or send me an email to meowmixx@post.com

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